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Technote: Complex Surface Hole Location

Technote: Positioning Holes in Complex Surfaces When detailing the skin panels for aircraft it can be quite daunting trying to locate a series of holes accurately at a specified distance from the edge of the panel. Typically fillets to wings … Continue reading

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Hoppers: Surface Model for Mass Containment

Hoppers: Surface Modelling for Mass Containment: Although not directly associated with aircraft design there are inherent modelling techniques equally applicable to many aspects of aviation. The techniques relate to surface modelling for the containment of a known mass or volume. In each … Continue reading

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Project Cad Technote: Sheet Metal Bending in CAD

Project Cad Technote: Sheet Metal Bending in CAD. Sheet Metal Work is an interesting subject to which I could no doubt devote an entire blog to. Fortunately for us we don’t have to as this topic is covered in detail … Continue reading

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