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Hoppers: Surface Model for Mass Containment

Hoppers: Surface Modelling for Mass Containment: Although not directly associated with aircraft design there are inherent modelling techniques equally applicable to many aspects of aviation. The techniques relate to surface modelling for the containment of a known mass or volume. In each … Continue reading

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Sopwith Pup:Wing Brackets

SopwithPup: Wing Brackets This was not meant to have been a study in its own right, but out of curiosity I couldn’t help but wonder if there was enough information to actually build an accurate 3D model. I was also curious … Continue reading

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Mustang P-51 B/C Ordinates

Mustang P-51 B/C Ordinates: I have had a number of requests for the ordinate spreadsheets I developed for the Mustang P-51 B/C fuselage, cowl, cooler and air intakes, so I have decided to make them available to all; for a reasonable … Continue reading

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