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Researching and studying historical aircraft is both fascinating and challenging. So far the projects I have worked on include the Ta152, FW190, Spitfire, Tiger Moth and more recently the Mustang P-51. Most of these aircraft, with the exception of the Ta152 have many static and flight worthy examples as well as a plethora of records and documentation.

But what of those aircraft that no longer exist or are very rare? Would it not be more worthwhile for me to research and study these aircraft so that more people are aware of the contributions of the designers and pilots that flew them?

Yes of course…I have therefore decided to setup a project to do just that…

“This project “Operation Ark” is being setup to bring to life the extinct or very rare aircraft from the war eras, where we have only partial or wrecked examples left or even none at all.

The war periods produced some very creative aircraft designs for the various operational purposes, some more successful than others. The designers themselves are often forgotten in the history books and it is to those men and women that I wish to pay tribute to by attempting to reproduce their aircraft designs accurately utilising current Cad technologies.

There is also another driving initiative in that many of the rare examples of these aircraft are in museums or private collections in different parts of the world and other than looking at photographs online or personally visiting these places the opportunity to explore the aircraft design in detail is limited.

Have you ever wanted to peel away the external skin of an aircraft and wondered what was going on underneath, well this project intends to do that. Opening up the core of the aircraft mechanics, hydraulics and electrical systems so anyone can study the design in detail. The nuts, bolts washers; all accurately depicted as per the original designs.”

That is a quote from the introduction chapter of a document I have compiled, listing and illustrating some of the aircraft that are rare and or near extinct. I would wish to build at least one of those aircraft and present the design here and online as a collection of viewable 3D models.

2015-07-18_21-58-44 2015-07-18_21-37-16

The document can be downloaded from here:
Operation Ark – Aircraft Listing

There are some incredibly interesting aircraft here which would be a privilege to recreate.

The Mustang P-51 project is still ongoing which will be completed shortly with the new project running alongside as I try to source availability of materials and of course an eventual decision on which aircraft to work on.

The aviation projects to date have proven the capabilities of the various Cad softwares to handle this type of project and for me to develop the necessary document control and administration procedures of the archives.

For this new project I would really appreciate contributions, comments and feedback from the readers on this blog for any aspect of the proposed project.

Operation Ark: A Mathematical Engineering Approach to Rare Warbird Conservation.

Please contact me at hught2008@gmail.com


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