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Technote: Inventor Export Sketches

Technote: Export Sketches The Inventor product has an option to export part Sketches to either an Autocad DWG or DXF format directly from the model environment. This is very useful if you are needing to share development information with someone … Continue reading

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Technote: Inventor Quick Tip

Technote: Inventor Quick Tip When working in Inventor you can access a list of Recent files by clicking the right mouse button on the Taskbar icon. This also works for most programs with an icon on the Taskbar like Microsoft Excel, Notepad etc.

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Technote: Complex Surface Hole Location

Technote: Positioning Holes in Complex Surfaces When detailing the skin panels for aircraft it can be quite daunting trying to locate a series of holes accurately at a specified distance from the edge of the panel. Typically fillets to wings … Continue reading

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Bell P-39: Fold Over Flange

Technote: Bell P-39 Fold Over Flange.(Inventor 2017) This a quick technote to highlight an issue that we sometimes come across with creating flanges in Inventor when one part is sloping away from the other. The part we are working on is shown … Continue reading

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NAA P-51D Mustang: Project Cad Technote Multi Body Parts

NAA P-51D Mustang: Project Cad Technote Multi Body Parts The process of developing these drawings into accurate 3d models relies on maintaining the hierarchy according to the original NAA drawings, even if sometimes it gets a tad confusing when dealing … Continue reading

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Solidworks: Wrap: Translation of 2D developed flat to curved surface.

Developing 3d models of historical aircraft is both challenging and sometimes frustrating, often requiring inventive, creative thought to develop complex shapes commonly associated with aircraft designs. One key aspect that has given me some grief in the past is when … Continue reading

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