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Technote: Inventor Sketch Datum

Technote: Inventor Sketch Datum Point. This is one of those instances where you do something on a regular basis and don’t really appreciate the significance of the process. What I am referring to is when you create a sketch Plane using the option … Continue reading

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Technote: P-39 Inventor Facedraft

Technote: Bell P-39, Inventor FaceDraft Draft angles is actually a common requirement when working with aircraft components, particularly forgings, and it is surprising that I haven’t written an article on this before now. Facedraft in Inventor is a feature that allows adjusting the … Continue reading

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Technote: Inventor Export Sketches

Technote: Export Sketches The Inventor product has an option to export part Sketches to either an Autocad DWG or DXF format directly from the model environment. This is very useful if you are needing to share development information with someone … Continue reading

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Technote: Inventor Quick Tip

Technote: Inventor Quick Tip When working in Inventor you can access a list of Recent files by clicking the right mouse button on the Taskbar icon. This also works for most programs with an icon on the Taskbar like Microsoft Excel, Notepad etc.

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Technote: Complex Surface Hole Location

Technote: Positioning Holes in Complex Surfaces When detailing the skin panels for aircraft it can be quite daunting trying to locate a series of holes accurately at a specified distance from the edge of the panel. Typically fillets to wings … Continue reading

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Grumman F6F Hellcat: Ordinates

Grumman F6F Hellcat: Ordinates I am without access to a Cad system for a few weeks so I decided to spend time reviewing my archive collection. Whilst looking through the many aircraft in the archives I came across some interesting … Continue reading

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NAA P-51D: Master Lines Plan

NAA P-51D Mustang: Master Lines Plan The P-51D project is progressing well with further developments on the fuselage frame profiles. I now have a comprehensive Master Lines Plan incorporating additional information obtained from mathematical analysis, drawings, reference documentation and geometric developments. … Continue reading

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