Technote: Inventor Export Sketches

Technote: Export Sketches

The Inventor product has an option to export part Sketches to either an Autocad DWG or DXF format directly from the model environment. This is very useful if you are needing to share development information with someone else who is working with a different CAD product.

It is simply a case of highlighting the sketch as shown in the example below and selecting the “Export Sketch as…” option.

Inventor export sketch

A dialogue box pops up asking for the file format DWG or DXF and location for saving. I would recommend the DWG for the format as this replicates the Splines more accurately.


In this example the left image is for the Mustang P-51 rear fuselage, showing the outer profile for the P-51 B/C and the inner profile is for the P-51D. The image on the right is the fuselage tail-end.

I plan on extracting all the fuselage curves that include P-51D data to DWG format as a reference until such time as I can add the point data to the already comprehensive set of ordinates available here.

Mustang P-51 B/C Ordinates



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