Grumman F6F Hellcat: Ordinates

Grumman F6F Hellcat: Ordinates

I am without access to a Cad system for a few weeks so I decided to spend time reviewing my archive collection. Whilst looking through the many aircraft in the archives I came across some interesting information for the Grumman F6F Hellcat.


The archive consists of a substantial number of the Grumman drawings, varying in quality from very good to very poor, though I should clarify the latter relates to only a small number of drawings. This archive includes ordinate tables for the wings and fuselage so I figured it might be a worthwhile project to attempt to decipher and create a set of ordinate spreadsheets as I have done previously for the Mustang P-51.

Hellcat ordinates

Though I rather like this aircraft it was not a priority project on my to-do-list, but having spent today studying the Grumman drawings this could turn out to be a rather challenging project.

Fuselage Work in progress:

hellcat ords 2


hellcat prelim 2I have managed to obtain a trial copy of the Inventor LT so I can now move ahead with this project. This first interpretation of the fuselage profiles is actually not bad at all. A few macro adjustments will be required to get the profiles correct, mainly due to the quality of the archive where roughly 10% of the values are very difficult to read.

Each point represents the ordinate of the longitudinal stringers which I will profile to assess the alignment and curvature as an aid to finalizing the frame ordinates. Perfecting the frame ordinates can become quite tricky at this stage, requiring constant referencing of the original drawings including the frame structures themselves which often provide additional information that can assist with this process.

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