NAA P-51D: Master Lines Plan

NAA P-51D Mustang: Master Lines Plan

The P-51D project is progressing well with further developments on the fuselage frame profiles. I now have a comprehensive Master Lines Plan incorporating additional information obtained from mathematical analysis, drawings, reference documentation and geometric developments. I have updated and remodeled the underside Oil Cooler Air intakes, canopy, windshield, rear fuselage and fuselage tail-end. As part of the remodel the groups of ordinates for each frame for the Oil Radiator Duct, Coolant radiator Duct and Removable Scoop are now contained on their own respective work-planes. This will make it much easier to micro manage the final mold lines.

Fuselage Master Lines Plan (P-51D overlaid on P-51 B/C):


Test Lofts and developments:


Front Views (note the Canopy Profile update from the previous article):


A month ago I was not sure how much could be achieved given the limited amount of information at hand but with due diligence and detailed research, it is quite amazing what can be accomplished.

With this template, it is now technically possible to accurately develop a CAD model for the entire fuselage structure and mechanical components for the P-51D, which would be great; but I often wonder what the value of such an undertaking would achieve, other than being a darn interesting thing to do and a test of CAD modeling skills.

Having achieved this significant milestone the time is right to conclude the work on the Mustang P-51D and P-51 B/C projects. I may continue with the P-39 project but as always I am keen to explore the options for the more obscure extinct aircraft as described in Operation Ark.


If you are planning on developing your own Master Lines plan a good place to start would be with the 1000’s of ordinates points cataloged and recorded on the spreadsheets here: Mustang P-51B/C Ordinates which also includes the wing ordinates for the P-51D and vertical stabilizer.


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One Response to NAA P-51D: Master Lines Plan

  1. pitts91hs says:

    This effort pretty much mirrors what I have been doing since the 90’s
    Ref “Mustang Survivors” by Paul Coggan.
    It’s an ongoing project. The B/C, D model weren’t pure lofts, some “fair by eye” was noted in the blueprints.

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