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Bell P-39: Cockpit Glass

Bell P-39: Modelling Curved Cockpit Glass (Inv 2017) Modelling the Cockpit glass can be a challenge to achieve the correct curvature and create the inevitable jogged and profiled edges. The Bell drawing lists all the ordinates to enable us to create the … Continue reading

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Bell P-39: Wing Trailing Edge

Technote: Bell P-39 Wing Trailing Edge Calculation. The root wing profile for the P-39 is based on the NACA 0015 (4-digit series). The Bell P-39 archive contains ordinate data for the fuselage, tail, stabilisers, cowls and so on but sadly the … Continue reading

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Bell P-39: Fold Over Flange

Technote: Bell P-39 Fold Over Flange.(Inventor 2017) This a quick technote to highlight an issue that we sometimes come across with creating flanges in Inventor when one part is sloping away from the other. The part we are working on is shown … Continue reading

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Bell P-39: Creating Wing Fillets

.Technote: Bell P-39 Creating Wing Fillets.(Inventor 2017) Wing fillets are probably one of the most complex aircraft items to model as they need to follow the curvature of both the wings and the fuselage shell. Invariably we have many offsets to … Continue reading

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Bell P-39 Airacobra: Fuselage

Bell P-39 Airacobra: Fuselage This is an update on the P-39 project. I have actually been drifting between this and the P-51 Mustang as a number of inquiries have come in regarding the ordinates and various questions on the Oil Cooler … Continue reading

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