Mustang P-51 B/C Ordinates

Mustang P-51 B/C Ordinates:

I have had a number of requests for the ordinate spreadsheets I developed for the Mustang P-51 B/C fuselage, cowl, cooler and air intakes, so I have decided to make them available to all; for a reasonable fee; which could save you considerable time and effort.

Mustang P51 Ordinates

The ordinates are listed on 5 separate Excel workbooks with 8 spreadsheets for all known ordinates from manufacturers data. The ordinate listings are in both mm and inches with the X,Y,Z coordinates extrapolated from this data-set for ease of transferring to a suitable CAD system. The total points listed are literally thousands.

102-00005: Fuselage (main)
102-00006: Fuselage (forward to cowl)
102-00007: Removable Scoop (fuselage, Int and Ext)
102-00008: Coolant Radiator Duct (Aft Section)
102-00008: Coolant Radiator Duct (Fwd Section)
102-00008: Oil Radiator Duct (Aft)
102-00009: Carb Air Scoop (Cowl)
106-00006: Wing (P-51D)

P-51 Mustang Air Scoop Ordinates

This represents a huge number of hours worked, meticulously listing each ordinate individually and then creating cad drawings to check the ordinates and derive the ordinates that are unclear on the manufacturers drawings.


I also have the ordinates for the P-51D wings, which are available but these are only 80% complete and unchecked. This set comprises 2 sheets; the first listing the tabulated data as per the original manufacturer drawing and the second extrapolated to compile the X,Y,Z coordinates for input into CAD.


The price is very reasonable; for further details and or purchase send me an email to


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