Mustang P-51 B/C Ordinates

Mustang P-51 B/C Ordinates:

I have had a number of requests for the ordinate spreadsheets I developed for the Mustang P-51 B/C fuselage, cowl, cooler and air intakes, so I have decided to make them available to all; for a reasonable fee; which could save you considerable time and effort.

Mustang P51 Ordinates

The ordinates are listed on 5 separate Excel workbooks with 8 spreadsheets for all known ordinates from manufacturers data. The ordinate listings are in both mm and inches with the X,Y,Z coordinates extrapolated from this data-set for ease of transferring to a suitable CAD system. The total points listed are literally thousands.

102-00005: Fuselage (main)
102-00006: Fuselage (forward to cowl)
102-00007: Removable Scoop (fuselage, Int and Ext)
102-00008: Coolant Radiator Duct (Aft Section)
102-00008: Coolant Radiator Duct (Fwd Section)
102-00008: Oil Radiator Duct (Aft)
102-00009: Carb Air Scoop (Cowl)
106-00006: Wing (P-51D)
+ Autocad DWG Fuselage Frame Profiles P-51 B/C and P-51D

P-51 Mustang Air Scoop Ordinates

This represents a huge number of hours worked, meticulously listing each ordinate individually and then creating cad drawings to check the ordinates and derive the ordinates that are unclear on the manufacturers drawings.


The ordinates for the P-51D wings comprises 2 sheets; the first listing the tabulated data as per the original manufacturer drawing and the second extrapolated to compile the X,Y,Z coordinates for input into CAD.


This package could save you 100’s of hours of data input and the price is very reasonable; for further details and or purchase send me an email to


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