NAA P-51D Mustang: Carb Air Scoop

NAA P-51D Mustang: Carb Air Scoop

In an earlier post I discussed in some detail the progression of model development for the Carburetor Air Scoop (Lower Cowling) inlet and I mentioned that the final Air Scoop would be uploaded upon completion. Earlier Post : Air Scoop Prelim work:

It has actually been completed for awhile; I just forgot to upload it!

So here it is and if anyone has attempted to model a complex surface of this type you will understand how difficult this can be. Needless to say the Freeform T-Splines were invaluable in obtaining the correct surface.

The surface model is attached to over 300 ordinate points with numerous contour and fairing curves generated in preparation for the final surface modelling.

The data was first prepared in a spreadsheet; listing all ordinate points in mm and inch dimensions from which I extrapolated the 3D coordinates for each point; essentially creating a point cloud.

The ordinates were imported into Autocad, analysed and then the points grouped accordingly to define the contours and fairing lines.

This was then imported into Inventor and the surface painstakingly built up in each separate square grid attaching all the ordinate points. There was no easy way of doing this; I know I tried!

I am delighted to have finally completed this particular model having consumed many hours trying various methods to get it just right.


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