NAA P-51D Mustang: Tail Wheel Retracting Hydraulic Cylinder

NAA P-51D Mustang: Tail Wheel Retracting Hydraulic Cylinder.

Hydraulics is not something I have had very much exposure to in my varied engineering career, so it was rather interesting to build this Tail wheel retracting cylinder and learn some new stuff about the hydraulic designs of this era.

All the component parts are fully detailed in the NAA drawing archive enabling a complete cylinder to be built with the pipe fittings added from the Inventor Content library.

P-51D Mustang Tail Wheel retracting cylinder 2015-07-13_00-46-34

The Autodesk Inventor product has a very comprehensive standard parts library which includes a wide variety of pipe fittings and components. The elbows and reducers are from the Parker range which are sized correctly but slightly different in style to the aeronautical standard parts which would normally be used.

I did modify the hex head for the reducer to size correctly with the corresponding AN912 aeronautical part to ensure correct fitting with the cylinder interface.

When I have time available I intend to create a special library for all these standard components that will correspond exactly to the specified aeronautical standards.

The blue support brackets on either side of the cylinder should actually be fitted to a sheet metal formed channel, which I don’t have the details for. There is a drawing for the P-51B/C models which will be similar to what I need but the lower station frames in this area are slightly different. I can’t be sure exactly how the channel should be fitted so I emailed a few companies that have been involved in the restoration of P-51D Mustangs to see if they can assist with either photographs of this area or even better some drawings!

2015-07-14_23-34-18 2015-07-14_23-03-35

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