NAA P-51D Mustang: Tail Wheel Project Update

NAA P-51D Mustang: Tail Wheel Project Update

This project is growing arms and legs; every time I check back to the NAA documentation I find yet another part associated with the assembly in this area.

I am beginning to appreciate just how complex the interaction is with all the parts that share this very small space and wonder sometimes if I will ever complete this task!.

For this period of build I have had to revert to an earlier version of Inventor; which unfortunately means many of the parts already modeled cannot be included in the assembly build at this time as the version variants from a later release will not be compatible with this one. Also the material finishes are not as good as the Inventor 2016 as you can see below.

So I am focusing my attention on building the supporting elements for the Tail Wheel mechanics; including the fuselage frames local to this area.

P-51D Mustang: Rear Fuselage

P-51D Mustang: Rear Fuselage

The fuselage frames are surprisingly complicated to build, partly due to the limitations of the software but also due to the flanges having to align with the surface form of the main fuselage as shown. I mainly used the sculpting technique but found that it is not possible to apply a fillet to the edge of a sculpted solid that is derived from a spline curve, so these had to be added when creating the lofting sketches.

I have added a few parts (where I can) for the tail Wheel assembly; these parts in blue; and also an additional component in yellow which is a Support Assy – Rudder & steerable tail wheel control bell crank. This part by the way was a nightmare to build trying to get all the edges to align correctly with the sloping webs.

I have mentioned before the importance of having quality copies of the original materials to work with and this particular archive (from FlugArchiv) was done to a very high standard.

2015-07-07_02-06-47Occasionally though you do get the odd drawing that is almost impossible to use but having gained some experience in developing these aircraft structures it was not too difficult to determine the missing information.

This is the one I have for the lower section of one fuselage frame.


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