NAA P-51D Mustang: Tail Wheel Assembly Update

NAA P-51D Mustang: Tail Wheel Assembly Update

I rather enjoy building these Cad models and the challenges they represent, however I still have a lot of work to do with organising the archive materials and the document register; which I briefly mentioned in previous posts.

I have decided to adopt a BIM methodology for the organisation and restructuring of the archive datasets and to look at the options for managing the content and format of the tagged properties within the 3D CAd models.

This all needs to be done, so I will take a break from modelling the parts for a while to concentrate on developing the above. So on this last day I decided to tackle some of the smaller parts for the eventual Tail Wheel assembly for the P-51; which surprisingly were interesting parts to build.

2015-06-26_21-14-15 2015-06-27_00-36-57

#73-34189: Bell Crank: Steering Pulley               #97-34172:Retainer: spindle lockpin

2015-06-27_18-08-13 2015-06-27_00-39-04

# 97-34191: Bracket Torque Tube Pulley      #73-34515: Bell Crank – Retract position lock

There are also a lot of parts that don’t have drawings in this archive; mainly aviation standard parts for bolts, washers, seals and bushes for which I need to knuckle down and source the dimensional information so that I can build the requisite part model libraries.

There is still a lot to consider as I move forward with this project!


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