NAA P-51D Mustang: Tail Wheel Housing EndCap

NAA P-51D Mustang: Tail Wheel Housing EndCap

Mustang P-51 Tailwheel Housing End Cap     2015-06-20_14-36-17

This item #91-34005 is the cap to be fitted to the end of the tail wheel housing described in the previous post.

The drawing that this was based on details the finishing and machining from a forging. Unfortunately and is now seeming to be quite typical for the tail wheel area again I am missing key information…its not that the drawing is lacking the necessary detail for its intended purpose as it is based on an existing unit its just that I don’t seem to have the existing forging drawing as a reference.


The missing information; relating to diameters and material thicknesses; would have been on the forging drawing and the draughtsman did not really have any cause to replicate this information on his finishing drawing…though it would have been enormously useful!

However this is not always the case as depending on the draughtsman some do include this type of information as reference dimensions.

I have therefore interpolated the missing details as best I can based on the information available and where possible cross referenced against other drawings.

The forging drawing is actually listed in the NAA register but the archive record lists the wrong reference drawing so its likely that there is a copy of this forging somewhere in the archive!

For my initial purposes though I think the data is sufficient for the end goal of creating a working tail wheel assembly as part of the mechanism study.


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