North American P-51 Mustang: Wings

NAA P-51D Mustang: Wing Geometry

Started work today on the wing geometry and ordinates.

This is the last ordinate data-set drawing I have in my P-51 archive and probably the most challenging, thus perhaps the reason why I left it until last!

2015-06-06_22-51-32The quality of the scanned drawing is not that great with much of the data missing or obscured and requiring a fair amount of interpolation to derive the correct values.

The interpolated data is derived through the use of various techniques within Excel, including polynomial curve formulas to determine the values I need from the known data.

So far this has worked out rather well enabling me to make a start on a geometry plan for the wing which will verify the relative dimensions of the Leading Edge, Front Spar and the 25% Chord line.

This drawing is still “work in progress”, which is shown for reference.

2015-06-06_23-09-20   2015-06-06_23-13-13

The spreadsheet shows verified values highlighted in blue, unknown values in yellow and the orange  refers to values that don’t make any sense in the context of the wing ordinates.


I have revisited this spreadsheet to include generated excel profiles to check the ordinates and also to derive the XYZ coordinates for input into CAD, centered about the front spar position. The missing and unknown values are now sorted thanks to a new resource…the spreadsheet is complete and verified. See Mustang Ordinates link on right.



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