North American P-51 Mustang Parts

NAA P-51 B/C/D Mustang:

Ordinates interpretation, translation and development are an important part of my research work and rather essential to the development of the many part and frame components.

It would be great to be able to develop a full parts library for any of these aircraft projects in 3D CAD and recreate the original drawings. However the number of parts in any one aircraft is prohibitive to achieving this goal. I do though occasionally indulge in developing some of the part drawings; in 3D and 2D; if nothing more than a challenge to recreate something that was first designed 75 years ago!

These are some of the parts modelled for the P-51 Mustang:

2015-05-31_00-14-57 2015-05-31_00-14-13

73-47058 Flange: Oil Tank Filler Neck               73-52144 Fitting: Aileron Control Stick

2015-05-31_00-20-39 2015-05-31_00-20-25

99-33463 Clip at Wing Station 56.625           99-318116 Link: Cockpit Encl Exit Hatch

2015-05-31_00-20-54 2015-05-31_00-14-31

99-318134 Bracket: Cockpit Enclosure               106-48343 Bracket: Fuel Valve Support

102-53391 Outlet Assy Haet Vent System Cockpit 2015-05-31_17-25-10

102-53391 Outlet Assembly: Heat & Vent Cockpit

2015-06-08_19-43-36 2015-06-08_19-46-35

102-33338 & 102-58181 Landing Gear Fairing Door Strut.


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