De Havilland DH82c Tiger Moth

 De Havilland DH82c Tiger Moth:

This is a selection of parts developed in 3D CAD for the Tiger Moth DH82c (Canadian variant). I had hoped that the original drawings and corresponding data sets would be sufficient to actually develop the entire aircraft, unfortunately I was stumped by the fuselage dimensions which remains incomplete. A few key dimensions were illegible on the drawing copies I had and although I tried to source legible information from various places I was unsuccessful.

Tiger Moth FuselageI have though interpolated a solution for the rear fuselage based on available information that seems to satisfy the requirements for manufacture and assembly.

DH Moth fuselage WIPThe archive drawings suggest that the setting out point between the front fuselage and rear fuselage members is coincident on the centre line. However this would not facilitate a flush connection with the bent plate connector, so I have offset the SOP to the face of the front fuselage upright, which does. Notice too the minor adjustment to the angles.

These setting out dimensions are not verified and the drawing should not be used for any other purpose than for reference. I don’t normally publish stuff without verifying the data but this fuselage has bothered me for a while so I thought it may be prudent to publish what I have in the hope that someone may provide the verifiable data I would need. The model shown is work in progress.

This has proved to be an interesting project and I progressed quite well with the tail and various other elements of the design. I hope to return to this project at some later date as it is a fine aircraft with many examples still flying.


2015-05-31_23-16-23 2015-05-31_23-15-59 2015-05-31_23-15-37 2015-05-31_23-15-04 2015-05-31_23-14-48 2015-05-31_23-14-27

H22414-0313 H22143-0309 Tiger Moth Axle Collar 2015-08-30_03-47-08

2015-08-30_04-08-18 2015-08-30_04-13-20

2015-09-18_03-45-42 2015-09-18_03-45-12


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