Supermarine Spitfire & Seafire: Ordinates

Spitfire & Seafire: Ordinates

I have done some preliminary ordinate studies for the Sptifire & Seafire; although not as intensive as the work done for the Ta152; as this is marked for follow up at a later date.

Aviation Projects Drawing Comments                Aviation Projects Seafire

The image on the left is a screen capture of a typical manufacturers drawing for the Seafire cowling that contains tabulated data alongside the views. In this case the data is not too bad with the majority being quite eligible, but there are a few entries that are smudged and incomprehensible.
What I do is to create the contours profiles with the information that I know and then use this information to build a 3D model to help determine the obscured or missing data as illustrated.

Aviation Projects Drawing CommentsThe image on the left shows the surface analysis of the 3D CAD model to verify the accuracy of the model; which has turned out rather well.

The actual process of determining the missing data involves comparing the 3D model against other known data, which may include part drawings, reports and specifications and it is only after this extensive research that the eventual 2d drawing is classed as verified.

Normally the 3D model is surfaced and then curvature analysed to identify any anomalies in the contours, once I have a satisfactory model, the updated coordinates are transferred to a separate spreadsheet.

The surface anaysis model helps visualise any dramatic surface variations but in this case it is within acceptable parameters. The trickiest part of this study was modelling the blimps on either side of the cowling to ensure continuity of curvature fore and aft as shown in green.

This process of continual analysis and dimensional study is typical of my approach to these aircraft projects.

A selection of drawings done by Hugh Thomson for the various Spitfire variants.

Hugh Thomson Spitfire 2 Hugh Thomson Spitfire

The next 2 images are the Spitfire Pressure Cabin and the Spitfire Tropical Cowling.

Hugh Thomson Spitfire 5Hugh Thomson Spitfire 3

These images are not for publication but may be freely used for personal or discussion purposes on the proviso that the originator is acknowledged. I should note that all images on this website are screen captures so the quality is not optimized.


About Hugh

BIM & Cad Manager/Strategist, 3D/4D, multi-discipline cad workflows, integration. Interests include photography and historical aviation.
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2 Responses to Supermarine Spitfire & Seafire: Ordinates

  1. Randy Wiggins says:

    Gosh, I have a lot to learn! I’m still working on transposing ordinates to calc. Beyond tracing lines, I am clueless. But, that’s the challenge, really. To learn, perchance to create. To create, perchance to dream… Yeah, I’m a degenerate prick-eared malt-worm. Thanks, Shakespeare…

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