FW 190 & Ta152: Ordinates

FW190 & Ta152H: Ordinate Study


The FW190 & Ta152 was a very intensive project as I delved into the intricacies of the fuselage, wing and rudder ordinates for both aircraft; a study accumulating a mass of data.

In preparing the models I adopted a modular approach to the development breaking the assemblies down into manageable chunks of information that align with the Bremen construction assembly documents.

Every aspect of the available manufacturers data, specifications and third party resources have been very carefully scrutinized and incorporated into this build. Cross-referencing of even the smallest detail drawings can yield surprising, almost minuscule amounts of information, that can have an impact on the finished product.

Aviation Projects Drawing Comments  2015-05-31_21-46-45  2015-05-31_21-45-522015-05-31_21-45-27

It may seem inconceivable to attempt to build a model of this type down to an accuracy better than actual manufacturing tolerances. However; as I have probably mentioned before; working with SolidWorks or Inventor this level of accuracy is critical to a successful build.

These illustrations give you some idea of the progress I made with this study. Of course, the data sets for this aircraft are incomplete so a degree of interpolation based on the best available information was used where required.

Ta152 Ordinate Spreadsheet package for wings and fuselage available:

Ta-152 Wing Ordinates

For more information please do not hesitate to contact me at hught2008@gmail.com


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  2. john sutherland says:

    do you have a wing set for and h wing?

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