FW 190/Ta152: Parts

Focke-Wulf 190 and Ta152 Parts.

Some sample images of components created as 3D models to support this project. These parts are dimensionally accurate, although not certified for fabrication I am confident they would be a useful reference resource. I should note that these components will be built according to the original fabrication drawings and not manipulated to ‘as-fitted’ condition (please see my earlier posts on ‘as-fitted’ conditions).


8-190.9015-2646 8-190.140-08-156

8-190.9015-2646                                                                                          8-190.140-08-156

8-190.105-4024 8-190.105-1422

8-190.105-4024                                                                                          8-190.105-1422

8-190.105-01107 8-190.105-01105

8-190.105-01107                                                                                    8-190.105-01105


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BIM & Cad Manager/Strategist, 3D/4D, multi-discipline cad workflows, integration. Interests include photography and historical aviation.
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